1.       Introduction

a.       Fundamental

b.       User Requirements

c.       License


2.       Basis

a.       History

b.       Versions

c.       The Basic Beamline Architecture

d.       The Wave-front Optimization


3.       Start up and Command Line Options


4.       The Main Software Interface

a.       Menus

b.       Motor Control

c.       Preferences

d.       Image viewer

e.       Log File


5.       Three step focusing

a.       The mirror selection

b.       STEP1 – Scan Domain

                                                                                             i.      Control procedure

                                                                                           ii.      Non standart behavior

c.       STEP2 –Wave-front characterisation

d.       STEP3 – Focus Correction

e.       Toroid Mirror


6.       Beam Center Scanner


7.       Beam Profile Scanner


8.       Beamline Simulator

a.       Windows version

b.       Linux version


9.       Online Documentation


10.   Technology


11.   Installation

a.       Requirements on a BeamLine

                                                                                             i.      Spec Session

                                                                                           ii.      X-rays CCD camera

                                                                                          iii.      ESRF Linux Distribution

b.       Requirements for Simulation

                                                                                             i.      Windows version

                                                                                           ii.      Linux version

c.       The Install Wizard


12.   Contact


13.   Financial support


14.   References